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Ambition refractories co., ltd. manufacture and produc refractory materials,refractories castables,refractory cement A500,refractory cement A700,High Alumina Cement CA50-G5,High Alumina Cement CA50-G7,CA50-G9,High Alumina Cement A500,High Alumina Cement A700,Alumina Cement CA-40(Fused),Alumina Cement CA-50(Fused),calcium silicate board,calcium silicate blocks,Calcium Silicate(Metallurgical Grade Wollastonite),chamotte,brown fused alumina,Fused spinel,Fused Zirconium oxide ZA-25,ZA-40(Fused Alumina Zirconium ZA-25,ZA-40),Fused alloy of Aluminium Oxide and Zirconium Oxide,Chamotte,Flint Clay etc more raw materials & abrasive material.our factory in zheng zhou,henan province of China.

Ambition refractories manufacture heat insulation refractory product include calcium silicate board 1050 deg c,calcium silicate board 650 deg c,calcium silicate blocks 1100 deg c.ceramic fiber spun/blowing bulk,ceramic fiber blanket,ceramic fiber board,module,ceramic fiber paper.we manufacture Ceramic Foam Filters include Magnesia Ceramic Foam Filters,Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filters,Alumina Ceramic Foam Filters,Silicon Carbide Foam Filters(Sic Foam Filters),Honeycomb Ceramics Series.

Ambition refractories manufacture refractory product include high alumina bricks,fire clay brick,heat insulation bricks,acid-resistance,alkali-resistance low pore bricks,phosphate bonded high alumina bricks,mullite bricks,manesia chroma bricks,magnesia spinel bricks,bricks fire clay alkali resistant JH-3,JH-5,JZ-type,JH-type for 5000T/D cement kiln of refractories and cement industry.refractories castable include high strenght corundum castable refractory,Dense Refractory Castable for power plant circulation fluidized bed boiler(CFBC castable),high strenght high alumina castable refractory,anti-skin castable refractory for preheater,alkali-resistant castable refractory,steel ladle castable refractory.ceramic foam filters include silicon carbide foam filters,alumina ceramic foam filters,mullite ceramic foam filter for iron and steel industry.

Ambition refractoriesco ltd.refractory products has already export to world many country,such as U.S.A. Europe,Japan,Korea,German,Spain,Mexico,Spain,India etc.

  Refractory material  
  High Alumina Cement A600 High Alumina Cement A700 High Alumina Cement A900  
  High Alumina Cement CA50-G5 High Alumina Cement CA50-G7 High Alumina Cement CA50-G9  
  Alumina Cement CA-40(Fused) Alumina Cement CA-50(Fused) Alumina Cement CA-70  
  Alumina Cement CA-80 Brown Fused Alumina(refractory grade) Brown Fused Alumina(abrasive grade)  
  White Fused Alumina(refractory grade) White Fused Alumina(abrasive grade) Sic  
  Fused Spinel Zirconium oxide ZA-25,ZA-40(Fused Alumina Zirconium ZA-25,ZA-40) Calcium Silicate(Metallurgical Grade Wollastonite)  
  Calcium Aluminate(Flux) Chamotte Light Weight Refractory Aggregates  
  Vermiculite Tabular Alumina Tabular Alumina Balls  

  High Temperature Calcium Silicate Insulation Slabs  
  Calcium Silicate Board 1050 deg c Calcium Silicate Board 650 deg c    

  Ceramics Fiber Products  
  Ceramic Fiber Spun/Blowing Bulk Ceramic Fiber Blanket Ceramic Fiber Board  
  Ceramic Fiber Module Ceramic Fiber Paper Ceramic Fiber Textile  

  Ceramic Foam Filters  
  Magnesia Ceramic Foam Filters Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filters Alumina Ceramic Foam Filters  
  Silicon Carbide Foam Filters Honeycomb Ceramics Series  

  Refractory Bricks  
  Silica Refractory Bricks Silica Bricks For Hot Blast Stove Silica Refractory Bricks For Glass Furnaces  
  Silica Refractory Bricks For Coke Oven Kaolinite Refractory Bricks For Blast Furnaces Fireclay Bricks For Hot-Blas Stoves  
  Alkali Resistant Fire Clay Bricks For Cement Kiln High Alumina Bricks High Alumina Bricks For Cement Kiln  
  Phosphate Bonded High Alumina Bricks For Cement Kiln Magnesia-Spinel Bricks For Cement Kiln Direct Bonded Magnesia-Chrome Bricks For Cement Kiln  
  Magnesia Bricks Magnesia-Calcium Bricks Magnesia Carbon Bricks  
  Mullite Bricks Corundum-Mullite Bricks High Alumina Bricks For Electric Arc Furnace Roofs  
  Fireclay Heat Insulating Bricks High Alumina Bricks Heat Insulating Bricks    

  Refractories Castable For Cement Kiln  
  High Strength Alkaline Resistant Castables Refractory High Heat Alkaline Resistant Castables Refractory  
  SiC Surface Crusting Resistant Castable Refractory High Strength Crusting Resistant Castable Refractory  
  High Strength Alkaline Resistant Low Cement Castables Refractory High Alumina,High Strength Low Cement Castable Refractory  
  High Alumina Low Cement Bursting Resistant Castables Refractory Erosion Resistance And Abrasion Resistance Self-Flow Castables Refractory  
  High Alumina Ramming Refractory Steel Fiber High Alumina Ramming Refractory  
  Abrasion-Resistance Plastic Refractory High-Heat,High Wearable Castables Refractory  
  High Alumina,Low Cement Castables Refractory In Burner Pipe High Property Castables Refractory In the Kiln Mouth  
  High Property Castable Refractory In the Burner Pipe Steel Fiber High Strength,High Alumina,Low Cement Castables Refractory  
  Steel Fiber High Strength,High-Heat Abrasion-Resistant Castable Refractory Steel Fibers High Strength,Corundum and Low Cement Castables Refractory  
  Corundum High Strength Low Cement Castables Refractory High Property Tabular Alumina Castables Refractory  
  Tabular Alumina,Spinel Castable Refractory Insulation Castables Refractory  
  High Strength Resistant to Abrasion Resistant to Crack Economical Castables Refractory High Property Abrasion Resistant Castables Refractory  
  High Property Phosphate Bonded Castables Refractory In Nose Ring New Corundum Castables Refractory  
  New Castables Refractory in Nose Ring    

  Refractories Castables For Metallurgical Industry  
  Castables Refractories For Trough In Blast Furnace The Ramming Max Without Drying-out The Monolithic Refractory For Blast Furnace  
  The Monolithic Refractory For Air Stove Castables Refractories For Heating Furnaces Castables Refractories For Tundish  
  Functional Refractory For Tundish Castables Refractories For Ladles Castables Refractories For Electrical Furnace  
  Abrasion resistant refractory castable for circulation fluidized bed boiler(CFBC castable) Dense Refractory Castable for circulation fluidized bed boiler(CFBC castable)  

  Refractory castable for petrochemical industry  
  Refractory castable for petrochemical industry Dense Refractory Castable  

Neutral Ramming Mass and Products Rang
Neutral ramming mass Alumina Spinel Ramming mass DE-86(Neutral ramming mass)
Alumina Spinel Ramming mass DE-88(Neutral ramming mass) Neutral Ramming mass DE-90
Dry Tabular Alumina Spinel Ramming Mass DE-TB Dry Alumina Ramming Mass based on Corrundum for melting steel in Induction furnaces and Middle Frequency
Castables Refractory and Products Rang
High Property Tabular Alumina Castables Refractory GT-20 Dense corundum Castable Refracory GT-10
Tabular Alumina,Spinel Castable Refractory GT-25 High Pure Tabular Alumina Castables Refractory GT-30
Dense Castable Refracory andalusite Castable Refracory
Castable Dense Cast Low Cement Base on Tublaralum Sinter GT-90 Castable High Strength Corrundum For Kiln Nose Ring GT-93
High Alumina Castable Low Cement LC-160 Medium Alumina Low Cement Castable
Fire Clay refractory castable LC-40 High Strength Alkaline Resistant Castables Refractory 13NL
light Insulating Castable Fire Clay Bricks
Precast shape refractory
precast shape for the heating furnace support Skid Rail cohart of Reheating Furnace(Rolling)
precast shape for cover  

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